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Building Good Credit History

Building good credit history is a must in today's financial credit driven world. While it takes years of consistent and positive actions to build a good credit history, we can also wipe it out in a matter of a month or two with poor credit history. In this article we will go over some of the good and bad of credit history payments, how to build, how to avoid negatives, and how to navigate unforeseen circumstances that arise. 

We will look at:

  • What does it mean to have good credit? 

  • What types of accounts are there and how many do I need?

  • How do accounts affect my credit score?

  • How to protect myself in unforeseen circumstances.

  • How to review my credit report.

  • There are incorrect items on my credit report. 

There are a few ranges of credit scores that lenders evaluate you on.




Good credit is generally classified as those with a 680+ credit score. Some lenders still refer to this as "fair" or "average" but it is the starting point on the journey to becoming a qualified applicant.

If you're new to credit history, getting to this level is not the most difficult thing. If you've had credit blemishes in the past, it can be much more difficult, not to mention the price of high interest rates. 

Obtaining this higher credit ranking will come from having a mix of credit accounts on your profile, all with positive and consistent payment history. Keeping your balances low compared to your credit lines is key, and the longer an account is open, the better. 
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